My Story – Sanava J

Sand Bars
Sandy - Sanava J

“Sanava J was born out of a love of hot weather, sun, sand and brightly coloured bikinis as I (Sandy) basked on the beach in tropical North Queensland and Thailand.

I have always loved the beach. It is where I truly relax and can ‘get away from it all’. The sights, smells and sounds connect me with nature and invigorate my soul. I feel replenished by the golden sunlight, the sounds of waves crashing and the sense of relaxation that washes over you.

It was on the beach in the warmth, whilst the sun danced on the crystal blue ocean coupled with the vibrant smiles of locals and tourists alike that inspired me to create sand gems.

I wanted to create a product that made my customers feel special, one that captured and amplified their own natural beauty. A product that did not compete with their natural beauty but rather enhanced it – ‘The real gem is you’.”

So, seven years in the making; one giant leap of faith and this amazing piece was born in 2023.

These pieces were inspired by the beach with their eye  catching, glimmering finishes and their subtle but sleek and stunning designs. I wanted Sand Gems to make my customers feel like I did laying on the beach, invigorated and in touch with beauty not just from their surroundings but from within themselves. Pieces that would give them confidence and enrich their allure and charm. Sand Gems have been designed to enhance everyone’s natural beauty.

Laying on the beach; swimming in the ocean; walking along the sand; or frolicking at the water’s edge the distinctive and luxurious Sand Gems range will be sure to draw attention.

Sand Gems reflect your inner beauty, capturing your unique style and embellishing your beach wear so that you stand out and make a statement. Sand Gems are treasured adornments that allow you to individualise your beach wear and make it come to life. Precious gems that make a splash and catch the eye as they glimmer in the sun.

Create envy on the beach this summer…Sandy & the Sanava J team xx

Luxe Gems - Sanava J